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Benefits, costs, and comparison of solar roofs with solar shingles and solar panels.

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Solar Roofs

Solar roofs are the medium to leverage huge amount of sun's energy and convert it into the electrical energy required for your home. Solar roofs are the best example of modern innovations where you can combine natural energy source, large available space, simple electrical gear, and with easy implementations. Thus, EZ Solar roofs are suitable most houses with exposure to huge amount of sunlight throughout the year. Homes world wide are leveraging this technology to generate electricity right in their homes. SolarShingles

Solar Shingles

Semiconductor material such as Silicon, Gallium nitride, Cadmium selenide, Cadmium telluride, Tin sulfide, Zinc telluride, and so on are used in making the solar cells. Solar cells have photo voltaic properties by which the electrical characteristics such as current, voltage, resistance change when exposed to natural or artificial light. The solar cells are arranged in larger number to form a solar panel.

Solar shingles are photovoltaic modules that are installed along with the regular asphalt shingles or just by themselves. Solar shingles are one of the methods of implementing Building-Integrated Photo Voltaics (BIPV). Solar shingles serve two purposes of protecting the roof from the weather elements as well as generating electricity for your home. Solar shingles also have thin-film solar cells and the manufacturing costs have been decreasing due to the latest technology.

Solar Energy

Here is a simple representation of how solar energy is generated.


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When the sun rays hit the solar panels or solar shingles, the photons in the sunlight is absorbed by the solar panels and electricity is generated due to the photo electric effect. The generated electricity is then passed to an inverter that converts the Direct Current generated into Alternating Current. The grid then passes the electricity to the electrical appliances in the house such as lighting or refrigerator in the house. The excess energy generated is passed back to the electric grid to be used by others. Thus, solar energy is an excellent source of renewable energy with natural resources and minimal waste.

Benefits of Solar Roofs

EZ Solar Roofs

Solar roofs have many benefits such as plenty of availabillity of sunlight, minimum wastage, cost-effective, reduced dependency for power generation, utlization of the buildings, and power savings. The buildings using the solar roofs have less dependency on the other sources of power therby minimizing the load on the power stations. EZ Solar roofs take the same amount of cost and installation requiremens and are manufactured as per the local and national guidelines. Communities with extreme heat and light are effectively utlizing this technology for power generation in their homes. Some countries have utlized this system for power usage during the power cuts by the energy providers. Solar roofs also act as a back up power source. Large roofs such as schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, and commercial buildings are deploying the solar roofs for power generation and weather protection. Condo roofs, Energy Star roofs, Church roofs, and Apartment roofs are suitable for EZ Solar roofs.

Manufacturers such as Dow and CertainTeed have been supporting solar roofs. Dow recently withdrawn its Powerhouse line solar shingles but continue supporting them. CertainTeed’s Apollo line series is another famous solar shingles that are on top of thousands of roofs in the USA. Elon Musk's Solar City recently announced its support for manufacturing solar roofs at affordable costs and maintenance. Find all the latest information about the solar roofs on Twitter news.

Special benefits and tax credits from the local and federal agencies have encouraged home owners for the solar roofs. Find policies and incentives in your region at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE). The Solar Investment Tax Credit may be availed if you have a qualifying solar roof. A 30 percent tax credit can be claimed until 2023 which may be further extended based on the regulations at that time.

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Costs Involved with Solar Roofs


EZ Solar roofs are costly to install in the USA when compared to the certain parts of the world. The high cost has made them less affordable for the common people. The high installation costs including material and labor solar roofs have discouraged people to install them. Solar roofs may take twenty years to see profits. However, as they are exposed to extreme weather conditions, they may not last that time as well.

A typical home with $150 monthly energy bill and the solar system of 13 KW that generates 17, 000 KWH (units) of electricity per year may cost $45, 000 to install. However, 30% of the cost about $15, 000 is eligible for tax credits. After installation, the system may take 13 years to pay back by not paying the electric bills monthly. Further, the calculators do not consider the energy bill increase or increase in your home price due to the installation of the solar roof.

The cost to install depends on the zip code you live in and the area of the roof that is suitable for the solar roof installation. The number of hours your roof is exposed to sunlight also is a major factor. In some areas, the solar roofs are ordered from outside the state and then installed by a local installer. Google Project Sun Roof calculates the cost to install a solar roof in your area. Check fr the local rebates and incentives before you decide to install. The benefits may be appealing and the total energy bill will vanish from your monthly bills. However, the total returns on the investment may not be suitable if you are not living in the areas with high temperatures such as the coasts. Find the Solar installers in your area and check if the installation is profitable for you over the period of its lifetime.

Solar Panels vs. Solar Shingles


A common debate among the home owners is whether to install solar panels or solar shingles. Solar panels can be installed on top of your existing roof. Solar panels can be tilted according to a roof's structure and sun rays falling on that roof. Adding, removing, or repairing solar panels is less cumbersome. Solar panels tend to come off during extreme weather and are susceptible to wind damages. A single solar panel generates greater electricity than a single solar shingle. Solar panels have natural air flow under them helping them to cool them down. Flexible solar panels are easy to install and manage.

On the other hand, solar shingles serve two purposes, weather proofing and generating energy. Solar shingles are installed along the other asphalt shingles and nailed to the roof deck. They do not blow off easily due to the strong bond between the solar shingle and the roof deck. Special flashing may be required in case of solar shingles. Solar shingles are fixed and the direction cannot be changed after installation. Cleaning solar shingles must be handled properly as they have electrical wires along with them. Solar shingles additional cooling mechanisms such as a fan in the attic and the flashings to maintain the temperature of the shingles.

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group is the top roofing contractor in the Midwest for installing the asphalt shingles required on the solar roofs. Olde Town Group has numerous contacts in the area who can refer to the solar installers in the area. They offer roofing, siding, windows, kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling, home improvement, gutters, commercial roofing, industrial flat roofs, and so on. Olde Town Group has head quarters in Moline, IL and serve customers in and around 200 miles of Quad Cities. As a certified contractor, Olde Town Group bring their top services to customers on every project.

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Their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing, is a certified contractor from different manufacturers. The group offers free estimates for customers and their response time is as quick as within 24 hours. The products offered include CertainTeed products, Tyvek house wrap, IB Roof Systems, IKO roofing, James Hardie siding, and Andersen windows. Olde Town Group has partnered with banks to offer better rates to customers. They work with high risk borrowers with approved credit and offer 100 per cent financing with zero down payment and zero interest. On top of manufacturer warranty, Olde Town Group offers double lifetime guarantee and in house service guarantee. Olde Town Group pricing is competitive and is the best in the industry. Sean Vogler is the owner of Olde Town Group who has several years of management and business expertise. They can help you with the insurance paper work and required documentation. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550 or 5637239940 or 3095171676 for more information.